GPS Tracking

Track My Ride GPS tracker – $330 supplied only.

Track My Ride GPS tracker – $495 supplied and installed with six months free tracking.

Track My Ride is a GPS tracking unit that is able to track your vehicle for personal and/or business reasons. You are able to access information easily from your mobile, tablet, PC and other devices. Personal alerts can be set up to email/SMS you due to speed/location/or vehicle traveling outside a user defined boundary. Business vehicles can generate ATO vehicle reports for tax purposes.

They are 12/24 volt compatible, and the compact design means it can be mounted out of sight.

The units draws approx. 21 milliamps when vehicle is turned off, which means it won’t flatten your battery.

The units come with 6 months free tracking after which, various subscription packages are available depending on customer requirements.

The main reason for these units, we believe, is the peace of mind of being able track your pride and joy at all times and to receive user defined alerts instantly.

If your car is stolen, most times the insurance claim won’t cover the full cost of replacement.